August 12, 2022

This edition introduces the latest site updates to Cinemata, news on Cinemata’s partnership with the Gawad Alternatibo film competition, and videos from Goethe-Institut Indonesien’s Digital Discourses series.

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Dear fellow changemaker,

Thank you for being part of the Cinemata community. The curatorial team appreciates your support and solidarity in building a strong network of filmmakers, civil society organisations, educators, and activists in the Asia-Pacific.

Since its launch in June 2021, Cinemata now hosts almost 5,000 social issue and environmental films from over 30 countries, and facilitates collaborations through online film screenings, co-curated playlists, and targeted outreach and promotions.

The Cinemata team is excited to share the latest version of the video platform that features an updated interface, better site navigation, and improvements in video upload. Based on feedback from Cinemata users like you, this latest version includes the following key features:

  • An updated interface to discover new films from Asia-Pacific countries, with featured playlists highlighted on the main page
  • A new top banner and pop-up feature for partners to promote new events and announcements
  • Better video viewing quality for recent uploads

With this update, filmmakers, advocacy groups, and audiences can expect a smoother experience in discovering and contributing social issue films about the Asia-Pacific. Learn more about all the latest features and updates here

In the coming months, Cinemata will continue adding new features to better support filmmakers’ needs. We invite you to support its development by exploring the platform, uploading your own videos, and sharing content with your networks. If you would like to share ideas for improvement or new features you’d like to see on the platform, email

On behalf of the Cinemata curatorial team, we look forward to more meaningful collaborations and promoting your social issue films with impact.

Jen Tarnate
EngageMedia Content and Engagement Manager




Cinemata to host online screening of 34th Gawad Alternatibo films

Cinemata is the online screening partner of the 34th Gawad Alternatibo film competition, the longest-running independent film competition of its kind in Asia.

This year’s theme, Giya (Guide), highlights the power of film to act as a guide for people as they navigate life changes.

Over 100 films are currently screening for free at the Cultural Center of the Philippines until August 14. 

For the online screening, the films will be exclusively available on Cinemata from August 14 to October 31. Stay tuned for more details!

Watch the trailers from the competition's four major categories – Animation, Experimental, Documentary, and Short Feature – here.




‘The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Rights’

How do artificial intelligence applications impact human rights? How is AI connected to the use and misuse of big data?

In this talk organised by Goethe-Institut Indonesien, Malaysian researcher Jun-E Tan discusses the potential uses and harms of data surveillance in Southeast Asia.

Producer: Goethe-Institut Indonesien


‘Atohan (Fight)’

In the resource-rich island of Mindanao, Philippines, indigenous peoples are at the forefront of defending their ancestral lands against mining, large-scale plantations, and military operations.

The short documentary Atohan (Fight) follows the Lumad people as they bring their protests to Manila to protect their lands.

Producer: Tudla Productions



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