July 29, 2022

This edition features videos on democracy, civic spaces, and labour issues: from a short lecture on Singapore’s shrinking civic spaces and a video podcast on Myanmar’s resilient digital rights actors, to a video paying tribute to labour leaders and activists in the Philippines.

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‘Tribute to Workers Killed by Duterte Regime’

Filipino workers and labour leaders face threats to their lives as they demand their right to a living wage, benefits, and job security. This video by Mayday Multimedia honours the workers and activists killed under the Philippines' Duterte administration.

Producer: Mayday Multimedia


‘Singapore, ‘Fake News’, and a Shrinking Space for Civil Society’

In 2019, Singapore passed the Protection from Falsehoods and Manipulation Act to crack down on "fake news". Civil society groups and journalists, however, express worry about its impact on free speech.

In this short lecture, Singaporean journalist and activist Kirsten Han discusses how the law can lead to censorship and restrictions on freedom of expression.

Producer: Goethe-Institut Indonesien


‘Not Just a Number (Hindi Lang Numero)’

In 2020, the Philippine Congress denied the franchise renewal application of ABS-CBN, the country's largest broadcast network, leaving thousands of workers uncertain about their future.

In this short documentary produced by the alternative media group Tudla Productions, a cameraman who has been with the network for 23 years reflects on the impact of the ruling on the lives of 11,000 people.

Producer: Tudla Productions


‘Pretty Good Podcast Episode 20: Resilience Amid Oppression in Myanmar's Digital Coup’

Over a year since the coup that brought Myanmar back under military dictatorship, the country continues to face serious digital threats and numerous human rights violations.

In this episode of Pretty Good Podcast, Asia-Pacific analyst and Access Now’s Myanmar lead Wai Phyo Myint elaborates on the country's ongoing digital oppression, affecting the efforts of Myanmar’s resilient digital rights actors to restore democracy in the country.

Producer: EngageMedia



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