March 16, 2022

In this edition, we highlight the film playlist “(Un)censored: Women Breaking Biases”, a collection of films curated by the Freedom Film Network, Inteamates, and EngageMedia that bravely tackles controversial yet critical women’s issues in the Asia-Pacific. It gives spotlight to films that have been censored, downplayed, or have sparked difficult discourse on crucial issues not widely discussed due to social constraints. We also feature films from Australia and Myanmar discussing pressing issues from that part of the region.


Featured Playlist

(Un)censored: Women Breaking Biases film playlist on Cinemata

“(Un)censored: Women Breaking Biases” spotlights films that have been censored, downplayed, or have sparked difficult discourse on crucial issues not widely discussed due to social constraints.

Curated by Freedom Film Network, Inteamates, and EngageMedia to mark International Women’s History Month, the films’ topics range from body autonomy, sexual violence, and gender stereotypes, to equal access to education and career opportunities.

The film collection calls attention to the impact of patriarchy in society, boldly portraying women who are challenging gender notions, stereotypes, and social bias towards masculine world views.



Featured Films

‘Green Fingers Club’

A group of women farmers in Yogyakarta faces everyday challenges in ensuring equality in food distribution. Together with a local artist, they map the village's food sources through photography to strengthen local food security.

Green Fingers Club is part of the “Uncensored: Women Breaking Biases” film playlist curated for International Women’s History Month. The film will be available on Cinemata until March 31.

Director: Anita Reza Zein



Khalilah, carefree and unmarried, defies conventions set by Malay society in this short film that faced censorship issues in Malaysia.

The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia asked for parts of the dialogue relating to the Muslim greeting of 'salam' be cut before it could be screened in Malaysian cinemas or television.

Khalilah was part of the 2014 Ikal Mayang series, an initiative to increase the share of women's voices through filmmaking. It is also featured in the women’s month playlist “(Un)censored: Women Breaking Biases”.

Director: Junad M. Nor


‘Names and Faces of Myanmar’s Bloody Days’

During the first six months of the Myanmar coup, at least 950 civilians have been violently killed, according to activists and human rights groups. Among the dead were children under the age of 18 – some of whom were killed during a peaceful protest, some while playing outside their homes.

Names and Faces of Myanmar’s Bloody Days commemorates the victims killed under military rule in Myanmar.

The film is part of the Cinemata playlist “A Year of Resistance”, which shows the extent of rights abuses in Myanmar, as well as courageous forms of resistance against the continuing infringement on people’s rights.

Producer: Blood Money Campaign


Workers For Climate Action - Narrabri Gas Project

The Gomeroi peoples in New South Wales, Australia, are mounting protests against attempts by oil and gas giant Santos to enforce the Narrabri coal-seam gas project.

The project has gained environmental approval from the Australian government despite consistent opposition from the traditional custodians of the land and concerns over the project's climate impact.

Gomeroi is one of many First Nation peoples currently facing desecration of their lands due to the Morrison government’s “gas-fired recovery” policy.

Producer: Maritime Union of Australia


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